Thoughts on the Management and Collateral of a Stablecoin

Asad Khan Feb 8 · 10 min read For any stablecoin of significant size, balance sheet management and effective collateral allocation strategies are imperative to success. Learn how balance sheets, collateral, and real-world assets all come together to bring stability to this DeFi primitive. This article was written in collaboration with Steakhouse Financial, a DAO … Read more

22 things from 2022

Lucas Vogelsang Dec 30 · 3 min read What a year! 2022 flew by, it seems like yesterday, but exactly 365 days ago, I posted 21 things from 2021. Check them out if you want to see the progress we’ve made as a project and how far the industry has come despite the challenges this … Read more

Growing Centrifuge with an investment from Coinbase

Lucas Vogelsang Nov 2 · 2 min read As crypto winter persists we’re attracting more capital and strategic partners. We’re welcoming Coinbase Ventures and L1 Digital to the CFG family. At Centrifuge, we’re the first DeFi protocol to finance real-world assets (RWAs) on chain. a Today we’re excited to announce a strategic funding round from … Read more