Monthly Update #September 2021: Coinversation EVM Version DEX — Kaco launched NFT, TVL has topped…

Coinversation Protocol Just now·3 min read Kaco.Finance launches DappRadar Kaco launches $POLS/ $DOT farm Launch $PHA/ $DOT farm Release KACO Lover NFT, distributed to the community in the form of activity rewards Launch $KAC staking pool Open the NFT fragmented trading market 1. Community Progress Coinversation Twitter has exceeded 33,000 followers and 22,000 telegraph members. … Read more

Moonriver Technical Update — September 2021

Katherine Sep 16 · 7 min read Five Client Releases and Four Runtime Upgrades Since Launch It’s been three weeks since we launched the Moonriver network, and in that time there has been a large amount of interest and usage on the network. To give some examples of the demand we are seeing, we started … Read more