Introducing the New Shipyard Referral program

Get rewarded 1000 $OCEAN for every project you refer to Shipyard! Ocean Protocol is introducing a new referral program for Ocean Shipyard, the $2M complementary funding layer to OceanDAO made for entrepreneurs, builders and creators looking to scale Web3 data solutions. The referral program aims at raising awareness around the program with the objective of … Read more

A new grantee is joining Shipyard: Brainstem Digital Health

Brainstem leverages wearable devices to collect medical-grade data, provide analytics and allow users to monetise their data Ocean Shipyard, the $2M grants program to fund entrepreneurs looking to build open-source Web3 solutions on Ocean, is introducing a new grantee for 2022: Brainstem Digital Health. With the goal to facilitate access to large quantities of data … Read more