Understanding EVM, virtual machines and EVM chains

Pontem Network Jun 8 · 18 min read EVM is a sandbox inside which all Ethereum smart contracts run. Many blockchains, such as Avalanche and Polygon, support EVM, making it easy to migrate Ethereum dApps. Non-EVM compatible ecosystems like NEAR, Solana and Cosmos, are also getting EVM implementations like Aurora and Evmos. But can they … Read more

Spotlight on Solana

In the crypto world, blockchain protocols are the bases upon which everything else is built. They are decentralized protocols which process transactions and record them into immutable, permanent records. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most famous blockchains and their tokens have been among the best performing assets of the past decade. Countless applications have … Read more

How to choose and mint NFTs on Solana: a practical tutorial

Solana has emerged as the second-hottest NFT space after Ethereum, with several projects launching every day. With Ethereum gas fees still high, minting NFTs on Solana is a trendy and budget-friendly alternative — and in this post we’ll explain in detail how to do it, from choosing a project to viewing NFTs in the Phantom … Read more

Vote for TrustFi and support for SOLANA Season Hackathon @Asia

TrustFi Network Just now·4 min read TrustFi Team is going to participate in SOLANA Season Hackathon @Asia. We appreciate that you might like to vote for TrustFi and win Airdrop of NFTs and $TFI. The process is as follows: Step 1: Get a Sollet Wallet https://www.sollet.io/ Here is the guide to register and set up … Read more

How to set up your Sollet Wallet

TrustFi Network Just now·3 min read set up your Sollet Wallet (https://www.sollet.io/) by following these simple steps: Step 1. Generate seed words The “Create New Wallet” page is your first landing page. You’ll be provided with a 24-word mnemonic seed. SAVE THESE WORDS PRIVATELY. The best way would be to write it down instead of … Read more