French startup Sneakmart is launching 6250 stylish ‘Metakicks’ – digital sneakers – to be minted on the Ethereum blockchain.  For their debut NFT launch, Sneakmart will partner up with StockX, a leading global secondary marketplace for sneakers.  The collection comprises 15 unique 3D-animated sneaker designs, featuring a 3D animated background and various shapes, textures, materials, … Read more

Sneakmart Teams Up With StockX to Bring Metakicks to Life

Sneakmart, a French community-driven streetwear app, is trying to bridge the divide between the physical and digital world. They are tokenizing digital sneakers to be worn and shown off in their metaverse this 2022 with their ‘Metakicks’ NFTs. These will be customisable sneakers worn by individual avatars, which enable players to unlock various benefits in … Read more

Nike Looking to Destroy Unauthorized NFTs

Nike is one of the largest and most recognizable brands globally, and in recent weeks, the company has been involved in proceedings that seek to end unauthorized usage of the company’s brand in NFTs Nike vs. StockX Nike is a brand that’s synonymous with excellence, and in more ways than one, Nike has evolved to … Read more