Weekly Radar (10 February, 2023)

Polkamarkets Labs Feb 10 · 5 min read Weekly Radar (10 February, 2023) Chiefs vs. Eagles: Who Will Reign Supreme in the Superbowl Showdown? — This championship game will be a close call, with the two top-seeded teams featuring great quarterbacks, awesome defenses, and two of the best head coaches in the NFL. Eagles’ coach … Read more

We’ll See At Least One NFT Commercial During the Next Super Bowl

Limit Break, a Web3 gaming company that recently raised two hundred million dollars, paid $6.5 million for a Super Bowl ad spot. While we’re still a couple of months away from the Super Bowl LVII, companies out there are, working on their commercials as we speak. From beer companies to carmakers, every big brand wants … Read more