Technical Analysis of why Phala will not be affected by the Intel SGX chip vulnerabilities

Shelvenzhou Dec 2 · 8 min read Author: Dr. Shunfan(Shelven) Zhou, lead researcher of Phala Network, one of the authors of Phala whitepaper, has been in security research for 7 years. He is the lead author of An Ever-evolving Game: Evaluation of Real-world Attacks and Defenses in Ethereum Ecosystem, USENIX Security Symposium 2020 and other … Read more

Reading | Phala TEE Mining Staking Design

Phala Network Sep 3 · 9 min read 1. Introduction To secure the cloud of Workers and the jobs they are assigned, the network will set Confidence Levels for each worker’s CPU and will require Staking to enable mining. Each worker can only earn value V if it first Stakes a number of PHA tokens … Read more