Manchester United NFT Drop a Striking Success

The World Cup might be done and dusted, but football fever is heating up as Manchester United’s Tezos-backed NFT drop proves to be a striking success. After launching on 16 December, over 750,000 NFTs have been snapped up by United fans. And with another 24 hours to go until the collection drop finishes, it’s unlikely … Read more

Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art Exhibition at Art Basel Miami Beach 2022, Powered by Tezos

Performance in Code: Deciphering Value in Generative Art, powered by energy-efficient blockchain Tezos in collaboration with generative art platform fxhash at Art Basel Miami Beach will be on public view from December 1st – December 3rd, 2022, at the Miami Convention Center. The interactive live-minting experience, presented in partnership with fxhash, enables visitors to mint … Read more

Manchester United Launches NFTs on Tezos

Soccer giants Manchester United are launching their first digital collectible, and Web3 community, via the Tezos blockchain. The club’s first ever non-fungible token (NFT) will be gifted to fans with additional NFTs to be sold subsequently.  Powered by the club’s official blockchain Tezos, Manchester United’s Web3 community will educate, reward and unite its global fan … Read more

Blokhaus Launches WordPress NFT Plug-in ‘Minterpress’

Emerging Web3 marketing and communications agency Blokhaus is looking to shake things up with the launch of Minterpress.  Minterpress is a free WordPress plugin that allows users to mint and easily display NFTs on their WordPress website. Indeed, this open-source NFT tool opens up a world of possibilities for creators to be able to truly … Read more

Tezos NFT Market Shines Amid Crypto Slump

The Tezos NFT market had a record-breaking month in July, with leading generative art platform fx(hash) recording over $3.8million in sales. In pure defiance of a market downturn, NFT art has been rallying on the Tezos blockchain. In particular, performance art icon Marina Abramovic released a stand-out collection, which reaped over $300,000 in rewards. Additionally, … Read more

Oracle Red Bull Racing Launches NFT Collection on Tezos for the Monaco Grand Prix

Oracle Red Bull Racing is launching its second non-fungible token (NFT) collection at the Monaco Grand Prix.  Following on from their first ever NFT drop at the Miami Grand Prix, the team will mint their latest collection of digital memorabilia on the Tezos blockchain, available on Bybit’s NFT marketplace. Oracle Red Bull Racing’s second NFT … Read more

Bitski and Tezos Power Red Bull’s First-Ever NFT Drop at Miami Grand Prix 2022

NFT wallet provider Bitski has combined with the Tezos blockchain to launch Red Bull’s debut NFT collection ‘Red Bull Guest House Keys’. The NFT collection will unlock special access and benefits to guests staying at and attending, the Red Bull Guest House Miami 2022. As the inaugural Miami Grand Prix approaches on Sunday, all attendees … Read more

Guerlain launches NFT collection ‘REAVERSE’ on TEZOS

Guerlain has launched REAVERSE in collaboration with creative agency MNSTR, which will see 1828 NFTs auctioned via the OBJKT platform, on the TEZOS blockchain. The French perfume, cosmetics and skincare company will auction the NFTs, named ‘Cryptobees’, as part of a unique real-world initiative to fund the rewilding of 28 hectares of land in Les … Read more

Polkadot, Cosmos, Tezos most likely to follow in the footsteps of Solana

By and large, Layer-2 blockchain protocols have massively grown over the past few months. Tokens associated with the respective networks, in turn, have registered stellar performances in 2021. However, Ethereum-compatible Layer-1 chains such as Cosmos, Tezos and Polkadot have been stealing the show of late. The aforementioned alts have also fetched their HODLers with pretty-solid … Read more