Private Token Sales: How Crypto Is Changing Venture Capital

In June 2021, the decentralized blockchain Solana announced that more than $300 million dollars of Solana tokens had been purchased. The buyers were a long list of venture capital (VC) firms, led by powerhouses Andreessen Horowitz (also called a16z because of the 16 letters between A and Z in the name) and Polychain Capital. Solana … Read more

SubDAO Starry Sky Program Has Concluded with Great Success

SubDAO Network Just now·3 min read SubDAO Starry Sky Program Has Concluded with Great Success We are glad to announce that SubDAO Starry Sky Program has concluded perfectly. Over 10 million USDT has been committed in total in this round token sale on the SubDAO Official Website, Bounce,, and MEXC global. We appreciate your … Read more

SubDAO “Starry Sky Program” Token Sale Launches Now

SubDAO Network Just now·5 min read The SubDAO Starry Sky Program launches now. Read carefully to make sure you have understood everything related to this program. Governance TL; DR SubDAO GOV token sale will launch on Official Website, Bounce Finance,, and MEXC Global. Token Sale Schedule on Different Platforms Official Website: Schedule: Nov. … Read more

SubDAO conducts its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on Bounce. Finance

SubDAO Network Just now·3 min read SubDao is excited to announce that it will conduct its Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on the Bounce Finance platform. About Bounce Finance Bounce. Finance is a decentralized NFT auction platform that combines liquidity mining, decentralized governance, and pledge mechanisms. Bounce aims to create a competitive Swap environment that unlocks … Read more

Pontem Network Website Ver 2.0

Pontem Network Feb 4·3 min read We are happy to announce that we’ve just updated our official website so that more and more people can find out about Pontem Network and its opportunities. As an integral part of the website, we have shared our roadmap, which means that you can learn more about the next … Read more

Pontem Network starts community building!

Pontem Network Feb 1·2 min read Good day everybody! Did you know that the Web3 Foundation approved our grant application? For us, this is a great piece of news and a big step in the project. Would you like to be the first to know all the cool news? As Helen Keller once said: “Alone … Read more