EQ Tokenomics: A Closer Look

Equilibrium Dec 27 · 4 min read With a fixed supply of 12 billion tokens, EQ is the fuel that powers Equilibrium’s blockchain-based ecosystem. By paying transaction and product fees in EQ tokens, users access unparalleled functionality for their operations on Equilibrium — all without worrying about inflation. In this article, we would like to … Read more

All About Tokenomics

Token. Economics. Two words we’re all familiar with, but when you put them together, you get a whole new meaning. Economics is the science of production, distribution, and consumption of goods, and how human behavior and interaction play into it. Tokenomics takes that idea and applies it to cryptocurrency. Tokenomics refers to the mechanics of … Read more

TrustFi Announcing Token Locks and Transparency Details

TrustFi Network Just now·3 min read Dear Community, we have recently unlocked our Pancakeswap LP so that we could restructure the locking and vesting system in team.finance app, in a way that leaves no doubts and provides complete transparency. As you may very well know, TrustFi believes in decentralized modules, processes, and protocols that ensure … Read more

Notes on the circulation supply of $TFI

TrustFi Network Just now·2 min read Dear Community, in order to show our tokenomics more transparently, we will explain in detail the circulation supply of $TFI now. 👉holder address of TFI tokens: TrustFi Network Token (TFI) Token Tracker | BscScan TrustFi Network Token (TFI) Token Tracker on BscScan shows the price of the Token $0.34, … Read more

POLK Token Utility — Curation Mechanism and a Settlement & Dispute System

Polkamarkets Just now·2 min read POLK Token Utility — Curation Mechanism and a Settlement & Dispute System Polkamarkets is hard at work to provide an entertaining and high-volume prediction market. The POLK utility token is a critical part of that mission, and in this post, we will discuss how POLK is distributed to the market. … Read more

Pinknode Token Utility — Part 1

Pinknode May 23 · 4 min read A token utility plays a critical part in any platform’s ecosystem, and this is no different for Pinknode. Our team has meticulously developed a token model that aligns the incentives of our users and community to Pinknode’s vision while providing long-term value for our token holders. PNODE will … Read more