Data Whale announces the launch of ALGA, the first mobile DeFi wallet for the Ocean Market

Ocean Protocol, the decentralized data exchange protocol unlocking data for AI, supports the launch of Data Whale’s ALGA datatoken wallet — a project financed through OceanDAO, Ocean’s community-curated grants program. In anticipation of Ocean Protocol’s upcoming releases — V4 and Data Farming, ALGA is a tool that allows for an intuitive, seamless DataFi experience. ALGA: … Read more


Equilibrium Jun 18 · 1 min read We are proud to announce yet another prominent listing for Genshiro’s GENS token: it is now available on BKEX, a crypto exchange that supports trading for a large number of major cryptocurrencies. GENS is the utility token for Genshiro, Equilibrium’s canary network on Kusama. Its use cases include … Read more