Twitter To Allow Users To Buy, Sell And Display NFTs Through Tweets

Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, has substantial plans for the platform going forward, with his first big move involving the trade and display of NFTs on the site. After successfully acquiring Twitter in a deal worth $44 billion dollars early last week, Elon Musk hasn’t wasted any time in implementing his new direction for the … Read more

Why this programming language is a favorite with Jack Dorsey, and Polkadot

Which is the best programming language? This is a question – and a perfect argument starter – that has been around almost since the birth of computers. With crypto adoption now on the rise, programming languages are trending again. Choosing one or the other comes with huge implications for not just builders, but the goal … Read more

NAME Airdrop

Polka.Domain ·Apr 11 Polka.Domain is excited to announce the details of our NAME token airdrop. Summary 🦄 Registration date: April 11th — April 15th 200,000 NAME tokens to be airdropped Distribution: 25% to [.eth] ENS owners and 75% to randomly selected participants 👉🏽 Follow and complete all the steps below to participate Airdrop participants will … Read more