Moonbeam Adds myNFT Integration

Katherine Jul 6 · 4 min read Bridges to Moonbeam and Moonriver Allow Use of Ethereum and Polkadot NFTs Interchangeably Boston, MA — July 6, 2021 — Moonbeam, the Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot, announced a partnership with myNFT , the upcoming NFT creative workshop, trading platform, and discovery engine poised to become one … Read more

Kaco Finance Integrates with AnySwap

Coinversation Protocol Just now·2 min read We’re delighted to announce that Kaco Finance has integrated with AnySwap. Through this partnership, Anyswap cross-chain bridge integration will make it possible for Kaco bringing BSC assets to Kusama. Kaco is now live on Binance Smart Chain and will live on Shiden network this month. Kaco Finance,the EVM Version … Read more

League Of Legend WORLDS2021 prediction series

X Protocol Oct 15 · 3 min read X Protocol is thrilled to announce our League of Legends World Championship Prediction Series on our first decentralized DApp X Predict Market. Support your team on X Predict Market and win $1000USDT reward! Please complete this form to register: During this period, we will set up 5 … Read more

X Protocol Announces Strategic Partnership with Supra Oracles

X Protocol Oct 13 · 2 min read X Protocol, a Web3.0 cross chain bridges technology and onchain data analysis infrastructure, with its mainly decentralized application X predict market, a new generation platform for Prediction, has extended its partnership with Supra Oracles, a layer one oracle with cross-chain capabilities. Through the Partnership,there are several milestones … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Sept recap and Q4 prospect

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read The transition between October and September was a subtle yet constructive period. Parami Team has leveraged major resources into developing Parami Wallet, the gateway to a truly decentralized, permissionless attention marketplace. To develop new features and improve user experience, we designed the social-NFT-centered traffic aggregation solution and advertisement distribution … Read more

Coinvesation Partners with PolkaCover on Crypto Insurance

Coinversation Protocol Just now·3 min read We are delighted to announce Coinversation as PolkaCover’s next partner with their cryptocurrency products offered on CoverComapared. PolkaCover is constantly growing and expanding their platform to make sure that they offer their users the best insurance products and protocols that are available in the market. Who is Coinversation? Coinversation … Read more

Parami Partners DeCredit to Bring your Financial Credit to a Social Layer

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Today we are excited to announce our strategic partnership with DeCredit. Parami Protocol is an innovative player in the privacy advertising field, while DeCredit has its edge-cutting application of credit oracle in the DeFi world. Such partnership will benefit both sides in the long run. Highlights of Partnerships DeCredit, … Read more