MAP Protocol Partners with CATASTROPHY to Revolutionize Utility NFTs with Full Cross-Chain…

MAP Protocol đź’™MAPO Feb 17 · 3 min read MAP Protocol, the 100% Nakamoto Style omnichain layer built upon light-client and ZK technology, and CATASTROPHY, the NFT-gated MultiPass with bonafide BUIDL utility, have partnered together to embark on the effort of transforming utility NFTs in the omnichain space. Empower CATASTROPHY with MAP Protocol’s full-chain interoperability … Read more

POLK Token Utility — Curation Mechanism and a Settlement & Dispute System

Polkamarkets Just now·2 min read POLK Token Utility — Curation Mechanism and a Settlement & Dispute System Polkamarkets is hard at work to provide an entertaining and high-volume prediction market. The POLK utility token is a critical part of that mission, and in this post, we will discuss how POLK is distributed to the market. … Read more