The Desktop Client Beta is Closer Than Ever to a Full Launch—Get it Now!

This post was originally published on Decentraland [embedded content] For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Decentraland has a Desktop Client! It’s still in the beta phase, but it has been getting progressively closer to a full launch thanks to the participation and feedback of the community. If this is news to you, you … Read more

Newsletter subscribers’ email addresses were leaked from Mailchimp

This post was originally published on Decentraland Your email address may have been acquired by malicious actors due to a Mailchimp data breach; Please stay alert as they may use it to try to send you emails impersonating the Decentraland Foundation. What do I have to do? NEVER download anything directly from an email. The … Read more

The In-World Builder is Now Open to Everyone!

This post was originally published on Decentraland The In-World Builder that’s been available to LAND owners since last year can now be used by everyone in Decentraland. Decentraland’s In-World Builder lets you create visual scenes that can be deployed in-world by just dragging and dropping items from the catalog into your scene (scenes are called … Read more

Let’s party at Metaverse Fashion Week

This post was originally published on Decentraland Auroboros, the digital-native luxury fashion house, will close MVFW with a show unlike anything ever seen before—in or out of the metaverse—with a virtual performance by their first muse and artist, Grimes—and you’re invited! Experience Grimes in her avatar form, her DJ set accompanied by AI integration, and … Read more

NFT Emotes are Coming to Decentraland—Get the First Ones at MVFW!

This post was originally published on Decentraland The first NFT emotes to be released into the wild will be given away for free, first come, first serve, at a special statue in the new Luxury District. To claim an NFT emote you must spam the ‘Money’ emote in front of the statue until the progress … Read more

Metaverse Fashion Week is here!

This post was originally published on Decentraland Paris, Milano, New York, London, and now, Decentraland—high fashion has gone virtual!Over the course of March 24-27, Metaverse Fashion Week will be bursting at the seams with runway shows, after-parties, immersive experiences, shopping, panel talks, and much more, starting with a few exciting opening events on the evening … Read more

Gone Fishin’: My Neighbor Alice Fishing Guide

This post was originally published on Myneighboralice Robin is the Game Designer for My Neighbor Alice in charge of designing fishing. He grew up on a small farm in Skåne (Southern Sweden) and got into fishing alongside his dad who designs his own fishing lures. We picked his mind and collected some of his thoughts … Read more

Gen-0 NFT Harvesting and What to Expect

Nestled in the clearing of a forest, there is a village that overlooks the northern sea. With idyllic homes and fertile soil, farmers wander here to escape the world and focus on the quaint joys of life. Now with thousands of farmers harvesting their crops, catching fresh fish, and remaining vigilant against the predators looking … Read more

Store of the Week — InaDAO

The InaDAO was created to serve as an anchor for womxn interested in entering the web3 world, specifically the NEAR ecosystem. To understand InaDAOs activities and purpose better, I interviewed Tabea. She is not only one of the founders of the InaDAO — but an extraordinaire community builder in the NEAR ecosystem. She started working … Read more