Ledger Unveils New Hardware Wallet For NFTs

Leading crypto hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has unveiled a new device for NFTs. The device, dubbed Ledger Stax, features a large touch screen and is easier to use compared to previous versions. According to Ledger, users will be able to manage NFT collections and over 500 crypto coins on the device. To create the device, … Read more

Aptos vs. Sui: a detailed comparison

Aptos and Sui are exceptionally fast (over 100,000 tps) and scalable smart contract platforms. Both use the Move language, originally developed for Meta’s Diem project, and count Diem executives among their founders. Let’s see how they compare in terms of technology, performance, available dApps, and more. Aptos and Sui are both new L1 blockchains, or … Read more

Ledger debuts crypto hardware wallet with NFT support

Ledger recently launched its hardware crypto wallet with upgraded crypto support, and since its pre-launch, it has sold over 10,000 units Ledger is here for you On Tuesday, April 5, Ledger shared the latest version of its crypto hardware wallet, named Ledger Nano S Plus and the list of features is impressive, to say the … Read more

How to Connect MetaMask to Moonbeam

Katherine Jan 10 · 2 min read This tutorial will guide you through the process of connecting your MetaMask wallet to Moonbeam. If you prefer, there is also a video tutorial that you can check out here. If you do not already have MetaMask installed, you can install the extension from the Chrome store. For … Read more