How to onboard on to the RWA Market — a step-by-step guide

Anna Dec 29 · 3 min read We launched the first permissioned market for Real World Assets (RWA) on the Aave protocol. For those that don’t know, briefly: This will allow Aave depositors to earn yield against stable, uncorrelated real world collateral while Centrifuge asset originators can borrow money from Aave, automatically balance capital needs … Read more

Real World Asset Market: What is it and how will it work?

Anna Dec 7 · 4 min read Q&A on the first permissioned market for real-world assets built on Aave and Centrifuge. Real world assets (RWA) bear monumental potential for DeFi in regards to volume, adoption and risk diversification. Pioneering lending in DeFi, this collaboration between Centrifuge and Aave will be a game changer for millions … Read more

As Composable As It Gets

Piecing together trillions in assets and DeFi Lea Schmitt Apr 7 · 4 min read Imagine a world where everyone could access finance. No matter who or where they are. Imagine that decisions for this accessibility were democratized and trustless, and not reliant on a single entity. That magical world of DeFi that we’ve all … Read more