Wormhole Bridge Launches on Acala EVM+, Bringing Cross-Chain Assets and xApps to the Polkadot…

Dan Reecer Feb 1 · 5 min read We are excited to announce the launch of the Wormhole bridge, the industry-leading cross-chain interoperability protocol, on Acala’s EVM+. This cross-chain interoperability will enable Acala users to enjoy asset integrations and access to tens of billions of liquidity from leading layer-1 networks like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, … Read more

Karura’s Liquid KSM (LKSM) Integrated as New Bitcoin Vault Collateral for Kintsugi

Dan Reecer Jan 19 · 5 min read Use Liquid Staked Kusama (LKSM) from Karura to secure Kintsugi’s Trustless Bitcoin Bridge Liquid KSM (LKSM) can now be used as collateral for Kintsugi Vaults. Bridge your Kusama to LKSM using the Karura DApp today. New to Kintsugi? Follow this guide to install the vault client and … Read more

Subsquid Now Supports Acala, Bringing Fast and Performant Indexing to Acala DApp Developers

Dan Reecer Dec 19 · 6 min read After many months of work behind the scenes, we are glad to officially announce that Subsquid has integrated with Acala. Subsquid already supports indexing for EVM+ smart contracts on both Acala and its sister network, Karura. Now, the two teams have agreed to work together on multiple … Read more

Acala’s Journey in Review & The Road Ahead in 2023

Dan Reecer Dec 16 · 7 min read A Look Back on Acala’s Journey Acala started our journey in October 2019 (just over 3 years ago) as one of the very first teams who took a risk and began building Polkadot and Substrate’s future. Polkadot’s focus on decentralization, long-term thinking, and the most advanced technological … Read more

Acala Engineers Deliver Open-Source ‘Chopsticks’ Client to Improve Testing in Polkadot Ecosystem

Bryan Chen Dec 9 · 5 min read Background Developers who have worked with Ethereum will understand how useful it is to be able to fork the Ethereum mainnet and simulate transactions with it. Similarly, we wanted a similar tool for the networks using the Polkadot SDK, Substrate. We have had various tools to simulate … Read more

Dexscreener Support for Acala is Now Live

Dan Reecer Dec 6 · 3 min read We are excited to roll out a new integration for Acala users, as Dexscreener now supports Acala Swap! Dexscreener is a product that supports real-time DEX trends, analytics, and charts for over 20 different chains. The team is very technology-driven and has been a fantastic partner throughout … Read more

Notifi Launches on Acala, Bringing Push Notifications to Polkadot DeFi Users and Developers

Dan Reecer Dec 1 · 5 min read Acala is very excited to roll out a new type of integration for the community — push notifications for on-chain events, powered by Notifi. In the initial phase of the implementation of Notifi’s wallet-based notifications, Acala users will now benefit from streamlined communications of the “Notifi Hub” … Read more

On-Chain “Polkadot Alliance” Formed to Recognize Ecosystem Contributors and Establish Community…

Dan Reecer Nov 29 · 4 min read Today seven teams from the Polkadot ecosystem announced the formation of the Polkadot Alliance, an on-chain collective that establishes and upholds a set of ethics for the community to follow. Founding Fellows Acala, Astar, Interlay, KILT Protocol, Moonbeam, Subscan and Phala have initiated the Alliance with a … Read more

Acala and Karura Are Now Supported on Ledger

Dan Reecer Oct 31 · 2 min read Holders of Acala’s native governance and utility token ACA can now use Ledger devices for securing or transferring assets. Other Acala-based tokens like aUSD, LDOT, and tDOT are supported, as well as Karura-based tokens like KAR, aUSD, LKSM, and taiKSM. You can also use your Ledger device … Read more

Acala’s Path to Resuming Operations

Bette Chen Sep 22 · 5 min read Since the Acala aUSD error mint incident on 14/08/2022, a series of trace reports have been published to reveal the full extent of the incident, including the flow of every aUSD error mint, the flow of error mint-swapped tokens, and the identification of all addresses involved in … Read more