Campaign | Announcing Parami Protocol’s Bug Bounty Program

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Intro Security is always the at the heart of a crypto project, especially when the project is a gateway to your Web 3.0, the PARA-Metaverse Identity, aka Parami Protocol. To secure and also build reputation in our tech community, we are now introducing the Parami Official Bug Bounty Program, … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Nov. 22- Nov. 28)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read This week, we have focused on optimizing Parami Dapp’s user experience. One more exciting feature for you, forwarding the ad will now be rewarded, too! Technology Progress Wallet supported OWC verification in Twitter binding Social App supported Twitter and Discord account binding, ensuring that one account can only be … Read more

Parami Protocol raises millions in seed round to build AD3.0 for Web3.0

Parami Protocol ·Apr 13 Excited to announce that Parami Protocol has successfully closed seed round fundraising!!🌠🌠 Investors include NGC Ventures, CMS holdings, GBV, Digital Finance Group, Genblock, Signum Capital, Axia8 Ventures, Spark Digital Capital, Digital Renaissance Foundation, AU21 Capital, GBIC, PNYX Ventures, Ruby Capital, Titans Ventures, labs, Bella, Blockark, Weblock and some core members … Read more