Trent McConaghy: Value Creation in the New Data Economy with Ocean Protocol

In the first part of this episode of Voices of the Data Economy, we welcomed Trent McConaghy, Founder of Ocean Protocol, for the second time on our show. During this two-episode series podcast interview, we spoke about the Ocean roadmap for 2023 and the project’s focus on newer use cases, including DeFi. Here are edited … Read more

Introducing DesightsAI, the Web3 data competition platform built on Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol, the decentralized data exchange protocol that unlocks data for AI, is excited to announce the launch of DesightsAI, a web3 platform bootstrapped by the community and built on top of Ocean’s technology to crowdsource business solutions to toughest data and AI challenges. DesightsAI is built on the Web3 principles of self sovereignty over … Read more

How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) related to NFTs?

Most of us are familiar with computer-generated NFT art, such as those published on the Art Blocks platform, which features creative coding projects of leading digital artists.  Refik Anadol, who converted some of his works that include AI algorithms trained with big data sets into NFTs, will also sound familiar to many readers. On the other hand, some … Read more

A guide to ETH price prediction

Analysing the winning submission of the ETH prediction challenge Accurately predicting crypto prices can be challenging due to their extremely volatile nature. On top of this, there can also be external macro and micro factors such as political and/or economic conditions influencing capital inflow and outflow. The large amount of external factors combined with the … Read more

Value creation across data pipelines

Understanding how data can be processed and monetised through each phase of the data pipeline Data scientists are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to use data. Data is used to understand the world and make predictions about the future and, when applied to AI, data becomes the heart of training ML … Read more

Ocean V4 Public Testing Is Now Live

V4 Bug Bounties Program, Towards V4 Production Ocean Protocol V4 solves rug pulls, adds data NFTs, and improves community monetization. This post elaborates. Here is the status of Ocean V4: V4 smart contracts are built. Security audits are complete (and passing). V4 Ocean Market frontend is built. Exception: C2D support is in progress. V4 backend … Read more

Ocean V4 Overview

Solve rug pulls, data NFTs, community monetization This post gives an overview of key Ocean V4 features: (1) one-sided staking to solve rug pulls, (2) ERC721 data NFTs for more flexibility in data IP management, and (3) community monetization to help the community create sustainable businesses. These features build on previous functionality: ERC20 datatokens for … Read more

Ocean Market data sets will power SingularityDAO’s AI agents

SingularityDAO’s AI agents will consume trading and DeFi data supplied via Ocean Market to improve their financial modeling capabilities Ocean Protocol continues its support of SingularityNET by collaborating with SingularityDAO, a leading AI blockchain project. SingularityDAO’s AI agents will consume trading and DeFi data supplied via Ocean Market, and SingularityDAO’s DynaSets will include OCEAN tokens. … Read more

Compute-to-Data is now available in Ocean Market

Public beta brings Algorithms and Compute Jobs to Ocean Market Ocean is proud to release the integration of Compute-to-Data into Ocean Market. This enables buying & selling of private data, while preserving privacy. Compute-to-Data resolves the tradeoff between the benefits of using private data, and the risks of exposing it. It does so by providing … Read more