MAPO BUIDL Referral Airdrop

MAP Protocol 💙MAPO Nov 20 · 2 min read As MAPO is continuously expanding its ecosystem and adding more chains for integration, we need more developers from all over the world to build their omnichain dApps and land their ideas or MVP into a full-fledged product on MAPO. Now we’re inviting our dear MAPO community … Read more

Dora Ventures Weekly Giveaway! — $BLT & $FLOW Airdrops Coming Up!

DoraFactory Just now·3 min read Dora Ventures[0] is giving away 2000 $BLT (Blocto Token) & 200 $FLOW to the Dora Factory community this Sunday, Jan 23th 2022, as the 1st giveaway in the new year! Blocto, one of the most popular wallets in the Flow ecosystem, allows users to easily enter the blockchain world with … Read more

$DORA Airdorp For Dora Factory Grant-2 (DAO Hack) Voters!

DoraFactory Just now·1 min read The latest Dora Factory community Grant (aka DAO HACK-2) has officially ended on the DoraHacks developer incentive platform HackerLink (for a recap of this event, please find more details here. We are pleased to announce that in this latest Grant event, users who staked $DORA to vote on the DoraID … Read more

Christmas gift from DoraHacks Ventures[0] — an airdrop of $THG is coming!!

DoraFactory Just now·3 min read DoraHacks Ventures[0] is giving away 500 $THG (Thetan Gem) to the $DORA HODLers during the Christmas season. Since the launch of the game, Thetan Arena has attracted more than 10 million players and gained 300x growth in market cap. As a seed funder of Thetan Arena, DoraHacks Ventures[0] is giving … Read more

Campaign | Announcing Parami Protocol’s Bug Bounty Program

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Intro Security is always the at the heart of a crypto project, especially when the project is a gateway to your Web 3.0, the PARA-Metaverse Identity, aka Parami Protocol. To secure and also build reputation in our tech community, we are now introducing the Parami Official Bug Bounty Program, … Read more

Mass airdrop and what we’ve learned

Matej Nemček 🌱🌍 Oct 14 · 4 min read We’ve decided to do sub0 airdrop and it was quite good, with some hiccups on the way. Let’s elaborate on metrics it has generated for us and post mortem. This is it! Beautiful sub0 NFT by deepologic How it started We’re thinking about how to use … Read more

UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Sept 13— Sept 19)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read Technological Progress IM wallet restructured the accounts creating and restoring procedure, MagicLink feature added; refactored $AD3 and social NFT fragments transferring features for a smooth experience and better maintainability, transaction history now supported; DID transplanted Airdrop, Swap, DID, AD modules to the latest development environment; fixed bugs from previous … Read more

Vote for TrustFi and support for SOLANA Season Hackathon @Asia

TrustFi Network Just now·4 min read TrustFi Team is going to participate in SOLANA Season Hackathon @Asia. We appreciate that you might like to vote for TrustFi and win Airdrop of NFTs and $TFI. The process is as follows: Step 1: Get a Sollet Wallet Here is the guide to register and set up … Read more