We remind you that on December 14, Pontem Network with DIA held an AMA session! You can get acquainted with the DIA’s first half an hour of the session here: The questions of the Pontem part you can see below: Do you believe that decentralized finance and future privacy regulations can — and will — … Read more

Pinknode’s Cross-AMA with Konomi Network

Pinknode Aug 20 · 5 min read What’s up Pinknodians! We just hosted a cross-AMA session with our most recent partner Konomi Network on our community chat, catch up on what you missed out on below: The below are the transcribed questions and answers for Konomi Network’s AMA. Eliza, Pinknode: Pinknodians have been very curious … Read more

AMA Recap: Coinversation’s First Community AMA

Coinversation Protocol Just now·7 min read Coinversation’s first community AMA just ended last Thursday. Our product manager, Hyman, came and shared lots of details about Coinversation. He also answered five questions provided by the community from Twitter. Here is the recap of that night’s sharing: Can you briefly introduce the Coinversation project? Coinversation is the … Read more

Here’s What Happened During Our Seventh Community Call

Equilibrium Jun 28 · 3 min read Every month we hold a live video conference for our community of users, and we just concluded our seventh iteration. We covered our latest news and tech updates, and as usual, we took questions from the audience. If you want to watch the recording, it’s available right here. … Read more