Apple Blocks NFT Transfers From Coinbase Wallet App on iOS

Coinbase has stopped NFT transfers from its wallet app on iOS after being left with no choice by Apple. The US-based crypto exchange made the announcement via a tweet on December 1, citing Apple’s unreasonable demands for the decision.    The exchange claims that Apple blocked its latest app release until it disabled the NFT transfer … Read more

The Battle for Metaverse OS: The Four-Way War for Web 3.0

The future of the Metaverse is up for grabs, with Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Meta all fighting for a piece of the pie. The concept of the Metaverse is ever-evolving. But ever since Neal Stephenson conceived the idea, one thing has remained consistent to this day. To access the Metaverse, we’ll need a high-tech VR … Read more

Apple Sticks With 30% App Store Fee For NFTs Despite Community Outrage

Apple will not exempt NFTs from its 30% App Store fee despite many within the Web3 community calling for the charges to be dropped. This is according to a policy update seen at the start of this week, where the tech giant outlined its rules for iOS apps that handle NFT minting, buying, and selling. … Read more

MetaMask Apple Users take note of iCloud Phishing Attacks

MetaMask warns Apple users in the wake of a $650K iCloud phishing scam. MetaMask has issued a warning to its users making use of Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Mac to disable iCloud backups to prevent phishing attacks. MetaMask made this known in a recent tweet where the company shared that encrypted passwords … Read more

Trade on OpenSea with Apple Pay and Credit Cards

OpenSea is set to support payment via traditional payment methods, including credit cards and Apple pay; here’s how this will affect the NFT space NFTs and Cryptocurrencies Since the onset of NFTs, the class of people that have adopted the technology the most includes young people and tech-savvy professionals. For some of us, understanding the … Read more