Dubai’s Museum of the Future and Binance NFT launch The Most Beautiful NFTs in the Metaverse

Dubai, UAE. 18th May 2022 – Dubai’s Museum of the Future has entered into a collaboration with Binance NFT, the NFT marketplace of Binance, the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider. Through this collaboration, the Museum aims to develop and launch a range of digital products on the blockchain, starting with their first-ever NFT … Read more

Opensea plans to take action against fake NFTs

As the popularity of NFTs grows, many people, entities, and organizations see them as a get money quick scheme, and a lot of the time, they take illegal actions to achieve their goals. NFTs created using stolen art A few months ago, the story of NFTs being created using stolen artworks hit our airwaves. The … Read more

Influence of NFTs on POP Culture in 2022

As a hot topic and commodity, non-fungible tokens have recently gained traction. Some think they’re ridiculous, while others believe they’re the future of technology. Non-fungible tokens have become a trendy issue, and a hot commodity, in the cryptocurrency industry.  In any event, NFTs are here to stay, so we’ll look at the fundamentals of the … Read more

How a VR Company Became the Airbnb for NFTs

Jacob Loewenstein began his Augmented World Expo lecture by apologizing. Fewer than a hundred people sat disguised and separated in Ballroom B of the Santa Clara Convention Center in the heart of Silicon Valley. She leads business development at Spatial, a venture-backed startup that has spent years pushing enterprise clients to invest in (VR) Virtual … Read more

‘Holograph’: An Omnichain NFT Tooling Enterprise for all Secures $6.5M in VC Funding

CXIP Labs are the tech company behind the rollout of Holograph: an omnichain NFT tooling suite for creators, developers, and enterprises.  CXIP Labs has recently announced a huge $6.5 million series seed financing round led by some serious players including the first funding round being co-led by Countside Ventures and Wave Financial.   About Holograph In … Read more

Shogunate – NFT Collection and P2E Game from 0xArt

Welcome to Shogunate – visually stunning NFTs, hand-drawn by Seiun, which you need to have in preparation for battle in 0xArt’s upcoming Play-to-Earn game – Shogunate Arena. Shogunate, being brought to life by an eclectic team of NFT and Blockchain veterans – including the founder of Meebits DAO, promises to be a real treat. Luckily … Read more

4 Common Misconceptions About Creating Art NFTs Debunked

About the Author: Wayne Chang is the General Manager at Saatchi Art, the world’s leading online art gallery. As General Manager, he is responsible for leading the Saatchi Art business both overseeing product development and overall brand strategy. As a visual artist and former web developer,  Chang’s expertise lies in building products at the intersection of … Read more

One Million.Gallery – An Exclusive Digital Canvas for NFT Collectors

We believe that the future of art, expression and status, is Digital. OneMillion.Gallery is home to 97 exclusive NFT Canvases. Each Canvas Space is blank and is its own NFT with unique properties, representing an exclusive Digital Canvas for Individuals, NFT Collectors, Investors and Enthusiasts to own. Each Canvas represents a piece of digital history and … Read more

NFT Expoverse LA, year’s top Blockchain and NFT Expo

With the NFT Expoverse LA just around the proverbial corner, we thought it time for some more info regarding the event. It takes place between the 29th and 31st of July in the Los Angeles Convention Centre. As media partners to the NFT Expoverse LA, we wish to give our readers some insights into what visitors to … Read more

AAX Unveils Hong Kong NFT Pop-up Store

Hong Kong-based crypto exchange AAX has announced its first non-fungible tokens (NFT) pop-up store, entitled ‘The Early Days of Crypto – Apes. Pixels. Gods.’ The pop-up store, to be held at Shop 121, K11 Art Mall, from 29 April – to 9 May, is spearheaded by the exchange’s new division, AAX Trends.  Three zones consisting … Read more