Understanding EVM, virtual machines and EVM chains

Pontem Network Jun 8 · 18 min read EVM is a sandbox inside which all Ethereum smart contracts run. Many blockchains, such as Avalanche and Polygon, support EVM, making it easy to migrate Ethereum dApps. Non-EVM compatible ecosystems like NEAR, Solana and Cosmos, are also getting EVM implementations like Aurora and Evmos. But can they … Read more

Utan’Clan: An NFT-gem that deserves to grow bigger than Bored Apes

Utan’Clan is a one-of-a-kind NFT project. Why? Because it’s actually connected to real orangutans, it’s a really sustainable NFT project and just super cool. The team is working on a blockchain game and Utan’Clan World stirs the imagination. What is Utan’Clan about? The main characters of Utan’Clan are currently 6 (10 in the future) real … Read more