Get Ready to Try the New Bitcoin DeFi Hub and Win Prizes!

Interlay Feb 2 · 2 min read We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Bitcoin DeFi Hub trading competition on the Kintsugi Testnet! Whether you’re an experienced trader or just curious about DeFi, this is the perfect opportunity to test and experience the ease of lending, borrowing, and swapping BTC with just a few clicks. … Read more

Wormhole Bridge Launches on Acala EVM+, Bringing Cross-Chain Assets and xApps to the Polkadot…

Dan Reecer Feb 1 · 5 min read We are excited to announce the launch of the Wormhole bridge, the industry-leading cross-chain interoperability protocol, on Acala’s EVM+. This cross-chain interoperability will enable Acala users to enjoy asset integrations and access to tens of billions of liquidity from leading layer-1 networks like Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, … Read more

January Ecosystem Update

Interlay Jan 31 · 3 min read New features and integrations, what’s happening in governance and events, and much more. New Features Use Your Old Smartphone as a Hardware Wallet for Interlay Using ParitySigner, a mobile app developed by Parity Technologies, the team building Polkadot, you can turn your smartphone into a hardware wallet. All … Read more

Karura’s Liquid KSM (LKSM) Integrated as New Bitcoin Vault Collateral for Kintsugi

Dan Reecer Jan 19 · 5 min read Use Liquid Staked Kusama (LKSM) from Karura to secure Kintsugi’s Trustless Bitcoin Bridge Liquid KSM (LKSM) can now be used as collateral for Kintsugi Vaults. Bridge your Kusama to LKSM using the Karura DApp today. New to Kintsugi? Follow this guide to install the vault client and … Read more

Weekly Radar (5 January, 2023)

Polkamarkets Labs Jan 5 · 4 min read Weekly Radar (5 January, 2023) Bitcoin’s outlook for 2023 comes in all flavors. Will the Polkamarkets Community get it right? — Crypto experienced a rough year in 2022, with over $1.3 trillion in value wiped off the market and a 60% drop in the price of Bitcoin. … Read more

December Ecosystem Update

Interlay Dec 14 · 5 min read Introducing the one-stop-shop for Bitcoin finance New Roadmap Interlay has been hard at work after the successful launch of our flagship product, iBTC. If you’ve been tuned in to our community, you may have heard the news. We’re no longer just a decentralized solution for Bitcoin interoperability. Interlay … Read more

Is the Process of Purchasing Crypto and NFTs Complicated

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency created in 2009 by a programmer called Satoshi Nakamoto. Today it remains the most popular and valuable digital currency across the world with a market cap of over $846 billion. This revolutionary currency has enabled people to store and transfer funds in a decentralized, trustless environment — paving the way … Read more

On-Chain “Polkadot Alliance” Formed to Recognize Ecosystem Contributors and Establish Community…

Dan Reecer Nov 29 · 4 min read Today seven teams from the Polkadot ecosystem announced the formation of the Polkadot Alliance, an on-chain collective that establishes and upholds a set of ethics for the community to follow. Founding Fellows Acala, Astar, Interlay, KILT Protocol, Moonbeam, Subscan and Phala have initiated the Alliance with a … Read more

Interlay 2.0 Roadmap

Interlay Nov 23 · 6 min read From Bridge to Bitcoin DeFi Hub Over the past 3 years, Interlay has built the bedrock infrastructure to use BTC on other chains without the need to rely on centralized entities. Interlay’s Bitcoin-backed asset, iBTC, offers a trustless and decentralized way to use Bitcoin in DeFi. The current … Read more

Ecosystem Update #6: 10 October 2022

Interlay Oct 10 · 9 min read Scary good updates on new integrations, next steps, and upcoming events Welcome to the spookiest month of the year — October! We’re hoping that the Bear Market crashes, hacks, and sanctions will be scary stories of the past, and the horror will stop long enough for us to … Read more