Introducing the winners of the Ocean X Dimitra Data Challenge: Phase 2!

The Ocean x Dimitra Data Challenge Phase 2: Algorithms, Analytics, Narratives & Reports has officially concluded and we are proud to announce the top 3 winners! From a prize pool of $10,000, the rewards payable are: 1st place: $4,000, 2nd place:$3,000, 3rd place: $2,000 and Community Award: $1,000 (payable in OCEAN + DMTR). Launched in … Read more

Ocean Protocol collaborates with Questbook platform for the Data Bounty Program

With Questbook, the process of the recently launched Ocean Data Bounty program will be more streamlined, will ensure a fast turnaround time for applicants and an efficient distribution of Ocean bounties to the global data scientists community. The data processed on Questbook is on-chain, allowing for full transparency over the bounty program. As the bounty … Read more

Introducing the Ocean Data Bounty

With the latest version of Ocean Protocol — OceanONDA V4 live, we are announcing a new initiative to accelerate the adoption of Ocean as the orchestration layer for Data and AI. The Ocean Data Bounty program seeks to expedite the shift into a New Data Economy by incentivising data-driven insights and the building of algorithms … Read more

JPEG summer is over. It’s over, right?

Matej Nemček 🌱🌍 Sep 27 · 6 min read Our core values of KodaDot were born as being open-source software, accessible to anyone and with active participation, learning from the issues we have (160+), incentivization scheme we’ve had for developers and best of all, an awesome product with early ownership for anyone. In this article, … Read more