XRP: Strong inflows, strong fundamentals, its market is being egged on by…

Over the last two weeks, CoinShares has observed consistent outflows. The week ending 18 March witnessed comparatively lesser outflows totaling $47 million. However, this week XRP investors changed the trend from the week before and made some positive impact. XRP bests Bitcoin Just as last week, most of the outflows continued to come from Bitcoin … Read more

All the caveats to Solana’s recently positive price action

The month of February, despite being highly volatile, turned out to be not so damaging in the case of Solana. The overall gains and losses canceled each other out by February 28 after the 20% rally, and the month’s total changes stood at 0.13%. But when it comes to investor performance, Solana outperformed pretty much … Read more

Kintsugi BTC Crowdloan Takes Off

Irena Mihova Aug 31 · 3 min read The Kintsugi Crowdloan has opened! BTC ♥️ Kusama!!! By voting for Kintsugi, you vote to bring trustless Bitcoin to Kusama and help bootstrap the DeFi ecosystem! How do I participate? The crowdloan is a fully permissionless event — you make your own judgement on if and how … Read more