Pontem Announces Immuefi Bug Bounty For Liquidswap DEX

Bounties up to $500,000 for critical vulnerabilities Pontem is excited to announce a new bug bounty program for our Liquidswap DEX/AMM, administered via Immunefi. Liquidswap was the first decentralized exchange on Aptos, powering more than $50 million in swaps between 90,000 verified addresses in its first month. Liquidswap offers token swaps for both correlated and … Read more

Urgent Security Patch for Integer Truncation bug

Katherine Aug 1 · 6 min read On Monday, June 27, 2022, Moonriver and Moonbeam each received an urgent upgrade through runtime 1606 to resolve a security issue responsibly disclosed by an independent whitehat hacker earlier that day (EDT). The issue has been resolved and the vulnerability is no longer exploitable on either network. The … Read more

Campaign | Announcing Parami Protocol’s Bug Bounty Program

Parami Protocol Just now·3 min read Intro Security is always the at the heart of a crypto project, especially when the project is a gateway to your Web 3.0, the PARA-Metaverse Identity, aka Parami Protocol. To secure and also build reputation in our tech community, we are now introducing the Parami Official Bug Bounty Program, … Read more