Monthly Update #September 2021: Coinversation EVM Version DEX — Kaco launched NFT, TVL has topped…

Coinversation Protocol Just now·3 min read Kaco.Finance launches DappRadar Kaco launches $POLS/ $DOT farm Launch $PHA/ $DOT farm Release KACO Lover NFT, distributed to the community in the form of activity rewards Launch $KAC staking pool Open the NFT fragmented trading market 1. Community Progress Coinversation Twitter has exceeded 33,000 followers and 22,000 telegraph members. … Read more

Monthly Update #June 2021: Coinversation completed the coding of two important milestones, and the…

Coinversation Protocol Just now·4 min read The market is changing in June, but it did not affect the project progress of Coinversation. Twitter followers in June exceeded 20,000. 1. Continued dApp’s front-end development 2. Improved minting center and destruction mechanism 3. Completed coding for two milestones 4. Partnered strategically with Stratos Network in decentralized data … Read more

Coinversation partners with Dora Factory for On-Chain Governance

Coinversation Protocol Just now·2 min read We are delighted to announce that Coinversation Protocol is to partner with Dora Factory. Through this cooperation, Coinversation will establish a basic governance mechanism for the community based on Dora Factory’s DAO-as-a-Service. On-chain governance is very important for synthetic asset agreements and decentralized transactions. An efficient community governance mechanism, … Read more

How Coinversation Meets Users’ Multi-dimentional Transaction Demand

Coinversation Protocol Just now·5 min read In 2020, the DeFi boom brought by liquidy mining had accelerated the financial evolution of cryptocurrencies, and the emerged synthetic assets also crafted a new form of financial derivatives on the chain. More entrepreneurs in the crypto world are excited to say that synthetic assets will bring a wild … Read more

Coinversation partners with Stratos for Decentralized Cloud Storage

Coinversation Protocol Just now·3 min read We are delighted to announce that Coinversation Protocol is to partner with Stratos. Coinversation will deploy and run web pages on Stratos and will store user data using Stratos decentralized storage. Through this cooperation, Stratos will provide Coinversation Protocol with secure and scalable decentralized storage services to store important … Read more

Coinversation Protocol Partners with Clover Finance to Bring ERC20 Assets to Coinversation

Coinversation Protocol Jun 9 · 2 min read Coinversation is excited to announce the partnership with Clover Finance. Clover is bringing the Ethereum Virtual Machine framework to Substrate-based applications. This capability enables projects to deploy Ethereum dApps on Polkadot, and create trustless two-way pegs between ERC20 and DOT-based assets. Through this cooperation, Clover will bring … Read more