Polkadot parachain fraudster revealed thanks to SEC’s complaint in 2019

On 13 January, Composable Finance celebrated winning Polkadot’s seventh parachain slot auction. The DeFi interoperability protocol was declared a victor with over 9,000 members of the community raising more than six million DOT. However, the celebrations turned sour around a month later. Who are you calling a fraudster? Twitter user “zachxbt” [@zachxbt] is known for reporting … Read more

Efinity wins Polkadot parachain auction round six; here’s what the community is talking about

You might be on holiday this week, but those invested in the Polkadot Parachain Slot Auctions are far from taking a break. What’s more, the announcement of a new winner has stirred things up in the community again. Efinity feeling infinite Polkadot announced that Efinity had won the first round of the parachain slot auctions … Read more