Liquid Staking on Aptos Live in Pontem Wallet

Pontem Wallet has just added another native dApp integration: liquid staking on Ditto! Now, you can stake APT right in the wallet at 7% APR — then deposit the resulting stAPT in liquidity pools on Liquidswap to earn up to 30% more in Ditto tokens. Read on to learn how! On Proof-of-Stake blockchains like Aptos, … Read more

New dApp Integrations on Pontem Wallet for iOS

Swap, stake, borrow, and lend on Aptos — right from your iPhone! We just launched the latest version of Pontem Wallet for iOS, with native integration for your favorite Aptos dApps. You can now use the best projects in the Aptos ecosystem within the Pontem Wallet app. Now, users can do many things on Aptos … Read more