UPDATE | Parami Weekly (Aug 23— Aug 29)

Parami Protocol Just now·2 min read Technological Progress Completed design of MagicLink, 80% development accomplished; Completed development of bi-directional bridge(AD3 main net to and from ETH), unit testing underway; Completed the testing of DID avatar encoding feature; Completed the black-box testing of advertiser interaction, user-ad interaction features, code robustness improved Social Media Twitter: 14.4 K+ … Read more

Breaking Down Coin Distribution Methods

JOIN OUR TWITTER | TELEGRAM When we talk about blockchain networks, you often talk about the “coins” or “tokens” which power them. The most famous example is Bitcoin, from the Bitcoin network. These tokens are the main stores and transmitters of value on blockchain networks, which enable them to be used as currency for transactions. … Read more

Crypto Market Volatility: Bull traps and bear traps explained + 5 tips on how to avoid them

Pontem Network Just now·9 min read TALK TO US: TWITTER | TELEGRAM | DISCORD In crypto trading, bull and bear traps are strong up or down price moves followed by an unexpected reversal. It’s easy to get fooled and jump into a trap, hoping for large gains -only to end up with losses. In this … Read more

Two Outstanding Founders of PolkaWarriors Join the SubDAO Team

SubDAO Network Jun 3·3 min read Two Outstanding Founders of PolkaWarriors Join the SubDAO Team SubDAO is pleased to announce that the team has attracted new members and incorporated new blood. Sang Tran and Tony Hoang, the founders of PolkaWarriors, known as a popular community in Polkadot ecology, joined SubDAO Labs and became the significant … Read more

SubDAO X Patract | Collaborate to Promote the DAO Development of Polkadot

SubDAO Network Apr 23·2 min read SubDAO, Polkadot DAO infrastructure announces that it has reached strategic cooperation with Patract, a Wasm smart contract solution provider for Polkadot. SubDAO will develop ink! smart contract based on Patract’s Redspot tool, allowing DApp developers to easily integrate DAO organization management templates, functions and data on SubDAO. Therefore, developers … Read more