Datatokens, DAOs and NFTs

Trent McConaghy, Co-Founder of Ocean Protocol on the structure of Data Marketplaces, the evolution of Data NFTs and DAOs In this episode of Voices of the Data Economy, we candidly talked with Trent McConaghy, Co-Founder of Ocean Protocol. During this discussion, he explains how Data Marketplaces work, the concept of Datatokens, Data NFTs, and the … Read more

Building towards a decentralized European Data Economy: A Minimal Viable Gaia-X (MVG) powered by…

Representatives from business, science, and politics on a European level are creating a proposal of a European data infrastructure for the next generation: a secure, federated system that meets the highest standards of digital sovereignty and promotes innovation. Gaia-X is the cradle of an open, transparent, decentralized digital ecosystem, where data and services can be … Read more

Ocean Protocol Joins Open DeFi Alliance, Connecting Members With New Sources of Datatoken Liquidity

Ocean and other leading protocols in the Open DeFi Alliance are building out a community of developers, founders, and thought leaders to develop the future of DeFi (This partnership was originally announced on November 24, 2020.) Ocean Protocol, a pioneer in building a new, equitable data economy, joins Open DeFi to bring an innovative perspective … Read more

Ocean datatokens will be tradeable on Decentr’s DEX

Ocean Protocol’s mission is to kickstart a Web3 Data Economy that reaches the world, giving power back to data owners and enabling people to capture value from data to better our world. Data is a new asset class; Ocean Protocol unlocks its value. Data owners and consumers use the Ocean Market app to publish, discover, … Read more

Ocean Market fork by Big Data Protocol will expand the Open Data Economy

Web3 marketplace to have the full functionality of Ocean Market plus use-case-specific customizations (This partnership was originally announced on March 3, 2021.) Ocean Protocol has entered a strategic partnership with Big Data Protocol (BDP) to advance the shared mission of building a Web3 Data Economy via decentralized data marketplaces. BDP will launch the BDP Data … Read more

OCEAN to be listed on Benchmark Protocol’s lending platform

The partnership will further expand the DeFi economy, enabling OCEAN holders to lend their Ocean tokens and earn interest, while collateral providers can borrow OCEAN. (This partnership was originally announced on March 4, 2021.) Ocean Protocol is collaborating with Benchmark Protocol to further expand the Data DeFi economy. The Ocean token (OCEAN) will be listed … Read more

Ocean Market will introduce ratings & reviews thanks to UTU’s trust infrastructure

UTU’s AI-driven trust infrastructure to build comprehensive profiles on data providers, data consumers and data sets in Ocean Market Ocean Protocol is teaming up with UTU to launch their Web3 trust infrastructure for a safer internet on Ocean Market and to build mechanisms to share data between the two platforms. UTU’s vision is to make … Read more