Decentral Games Launches CoinGecko ICE Poker Skin

Decentral Games is launching 10,000 limited edition ICE Poker skins in partnership with CoinGecko. They will release the ICE Poker skins through the CoinGecko Candy Reward store on Monday, December 12. All CoinGecko ICE Poker skins, which allow users to play ICE Poker and enter Sit-n-Go tournaments for free, will be airdropped on Friday, December … Read more

Decentral Games Introduces ‘Sit-n-Go’ Tournaments in ICE Poker Flex App

Decentral Games has announced the launch of ‘Sit-n-Go’ (SNG) poker within its flagship product, ICE Poker.  The popular six-player ICE poker game accounts for more than 60% of all daily active users in Decentraland.  Now, skilled players without major capital can join SNG tournaments and prove their worth, with the opportunity of graduating through the … Read more

Decentraland DAO Votes “Yes” for $1 million Decentral Games Grant

Decentral Games has been given a $1 million grant in $MANA from the Decentraland DAO to help support its native $ICE token. The proposal was passed with a 59% majority vote and means Decentral Games can proceed with their much-anticipated sit-and-go poker tournament mode. The grant constitutes one of the largest ecosystem grants that the … Read more