DEX Explained: The Ultimate Guide

Central to the ethos of blockchain is decentralization. But since its inception, centralized crypto exchanges have dominated the trading space. While they provide an easy onboarding/offboarding ramp, users are still trusting their assets to a centralized point-of-failure. Centralized exchanges often act as custodians that store and protect users’ private keys, which control access to their … Read more

Scaling Polkadex Unique DEX Solution with Pinknode

Pinknode Oct 15 · 3 min read In seeking to further the evolution of DeFi, an increasing number of platforms are going “back to the future” by combining the best of DeFi and CeFi into one decentralized platform. This is why Pinknode’s latest collaborator, Polkadex, seeks to combine the DeFi-based benefits of automated market makers … Read more

Assisting SigmaDex get ahead in the cross-chain game

Pinknode Sep 10 · 3 min read Sigmadex, Pinknode’s most recent collaborator, is the first major cross-chain protocol that utilizes game theory to create a highly accountable and equitable multi-asset decentralised marketplace. Using Game Theory to Maximise Liquidity Game theory is a commonly used economics phrase referring to a framework for predicting the choices of … Read more