What You Need to Know About DeFi

How Does Decentralized Finance Work? Decentralized Finance, commonly called DeFi, has significantly grown in popularity and interest in the last few years. DeFi provides an alternative to the traditional financial system of centralized entities like banks, stock exchanges, and brokers.. DeFi is based on two principles: (1) DeFi is open to everyone, (2) DeFi is … Read more

Data Farming DF27 Completes and DF28 Launches. DF Main is Here!

Stakers can claim DF28 rewards. DF29 runs Mar 16-Mar 23, 2023 Data Farming Round 29 is here (DF29). DF29 is the first week for DF Main, the final phase of DF! This week, users can earn rewards up to 150K OCEAN. In DF Main, weekly rewards will grow to 1M+ OCEAN. The article “Ocean Data … Read more

Ocean Data Farming Main is Here

The final phase of DF is live. 150K weekly OCEAN rewards, which will grow to 1M+. Earn by locking OCEAN and by Curating Data Contents1. Abstract2. Introduction3. veOCEAN Review4. Data Farming Review5. Walk-Through Numbers6. On Implementing DF Main7. Conclusion(Plus Appendices) Data Farming (DF) incentivizes for growth of Data Consume Volume (DCV) [0] in the Ocean … Read more

Bridging EQ From Ethereum To Equilibrium In A Single Transaction: Easy Guide

Equilibrium Mar 15 · 2 min read Go to app.equilibrium.io Navigate to Wallet 3. Click on Deposit 4. Select Ethereum 5. Connect Metamask 6. Input amount 7. Click on Deposit 8. Confirm transaction in Metamask. Make sure there is enough ETH in your wallet for gas fees 9. Click “open” on the Success screen to … Read more

Ocean Protocol Update || 2023

What We’re Doing in 2023, and Why Ocean’s first phase was building the core infrastructure for the open data economy. It’s now entered its next phase: to drive data value-creation loops, by focusing on the users in the last mile. Contents1. Abstract2. Introduction3. Dapp Developers served by team Eagle-Rays (Stream 1)4. Data Scientists served by … Read more

DF27 Completes and DF28 Launches. DF Main is approaching.

Stakers can claim DF27 rewards. DF28 runs Mar 9-Mar 16, 2023. 1. Overview Data Farming Round 28 is here (DF28). DF28 is part of DF Beta, where users can earn rewards up to 100K $OCEAN while contributing to the refinement of Data Farming and Ocean technology. DF28 begins a ticking time bomb to DF Main, … Read more

Equilibrium (EQ) to be Listed on Gate.io on March 9

Equilibrium Mar 4 · 2 min read We are excited to announce Equilibrium’s EQ token will be listed on Gate.io! Date: March 9 Time: 12 PM UTC Trading pair: EQ/USDT Equilibrium facilitates a range of DeFi services accessible via an easy-to-use interface and three core products. EQD, a decentralized USD-pegged stablecoin can be transferred trustlessly … Read more

DF26 Completes and DF27 Launches. DF Main inches closer.

Stakers can claim DF26 rewards. DF27 runs Mar 2-Mar 9, 2023. 1. Overview Data Farming Round 27 is here (DF27). DF27 is part of DF Beta, where users can earn rewards up to 100K $OCEAN while contributing to the refinement of Data Farming and Ocean technology. The Ocean Protocol Data Farming program incentivizes the consumption … Read more

Equilibrium and Phala Network Integrate to Empower Trustless Computing in DeFi

Equilibrium Mar 2 · 3 min read Equilibrium is excited to announce its integration with the Phala Network, a decentralized, scalable cloud computing protocol. Phala Network uses its Secure Enclaves to facilitate a robust, protected, and scalable trustless computing cloud experience. Equilibrium offers a full suite of DeFi products, including a money market, insurance pool, … Read more

Equilibrium and Litentry Integrate to Enable Bi-Directional Transactions and Expand Use Cases for…

Equilibrium Mar 1 · 3 min read Equilibrium is thrilled to announce its integration with Litentry, cross-chain identity aggregator that enables users to link their identities in a privacy-preserving context. Litentry aims to give users full control over their personal data and enable them to gain social and economic value from it. The protocol and … Read more