DEX Explained: The Ultimate Guide

Central to the ethos of blockchain is decentralization. But since its inception, centralized crypto exchanges have dominated the trading space. While they provide an easy onboarding/offboarding ramp, users are still trusting their assets to a centralized point-of-failure. Centralized exchanges often act as custodians that store and protect users’ private keys, which control access to their … Read more

The FTX Disaster Fallout: The Significance of DEXs is Paramount

Equilibrium Nov 14 · 4 min read The FTX collapse, in which one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges failed spectacularly and ultimately sought chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, stunned the entire crypto community. According to the Associated Press, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice are examining potential violations at FTX. Authorities are … Read more

Liquidswap has been successfully audited by Zellic

Liquidswap has just become the first triple-audited DEX on Aptos. Following audits by OtterSec and Halborn, Zellic has scrutinized our code and found no issues. This is further proof that Pontem’s unwavering commitment to security is paying off. At Pontem Network, we always prioritize user security. We would never launch a product without haved it … Read more

We reviewed the Equilibrium trading stats. Here’s what we found

Equilibrium Oct 25 · 3 min read The purpose of Closed Beta was to evaluate the progress we’ve made so far on Equilibrium. We were as eager as you were to test, experiment with, and push the Equilibrium application to its limits. To examine the functionality of our software in various use cases, our team … Read more

How to Maximize Portfolio in Closed Beta. Case 5: DEX Arbitrage

Equilibrium Sep 8 · 3 min read Dear Equilibrians, if you haven’t followed us lately, we’ve got massive news: we’re launching our Closed Beta phase, where you can be one of Equilibrium’s first users and explore our key functionalities. Plus, a $40,000 reward in EQ is lined up for participants! To prepare for the launch … Read more

Basilisk Launches DEX on Kusama With aUSD as Its Parachain’s Stablecoin of Choice

Dan Reecer Jul 28 · 3 min read We’re excited to announce the launch of aUSD and KSM Snek Swap pools on Basilisk, a liquidity protocol built for Kusama. The Snek Swap pools enable Basilisk community members to access Polkadot and Kusama’s native stablecoin, aUSD, in a decentralized and permissionless manner and brings aUSD to … Read more

Equilibrium Money Market Beta Launch Offers More Assets

Equilibrium Jul 26 · 4 min read The DeFi space is built on innovation and expansion. Builders and users want ecosystems that allow the maximum possible utilization of their funds for maximum gains. At Equilibrium, we understand the importance of capital efficiency and aim to create an environment that offers this to our community. With … Read more

Bifrost Launches on Karura Swap With Over 200k BNC in Liquidity Mining Rewards

Robin Whitney Oct 19 · 4 min read Trustless trading for the BNC/kUSD pair will go live following a 48-hour period of one- or two-sided bootstrap provisioning on Karura. Karura Swap, the AMM-style decentralized exchange on Kusama, has joined forces with Bifrost Finance to introduce its newest trading pair BNC/kUSD. The pair will launch in … Read more

What Sets Equilibrium’s DEX Apart From The Rest?

Equilibrium Aug 11 · 8 min read Decentralized exchanges (DEXes) emerged to fill the need for separating the custody of user funds from actual trading and settlement. Earlier solutions to this problem took that separation quite literally, creating fully on-chain models where orders interacted directly with each other. This approach allows for maximum decentralization, but … Read more

Acala Ecosystem Update — July 2021

Robin Whitney Aug 4 · 5 min read Karura Swap launches with the first trustless trading pair, Acala at EthCC, and more. With the genesis event complete, the Acala team has been powering through the Karura launch roadmap, strategically enabling the network’s DeFi protocols and operations, including: the native KAR token distribution, cross-chain transfers for … Read more