Answering popular questions on Pontem Future development:

Pontem Network · Follow Feb 3 · 3 min read 1. What will be the use case of your mainnet given the change of direction from Meta and Diem? For those that are not aware, the Diem Association made up of a consortium of companies including Meta (Facebook) recently sold their assets to Silvergate bank. … Read more

Bridging a billion users to Polkadot with our latest partner, Pontem Network

Pinknode Jul 20 · 5 min read Pinknode is racing full steam ahead towards becoming the much-needed intermediary architecture linking dApp developers to Polkadot’s budding Web 3.0 architecture. In our pursuit of expanding Polkadot’s infrastructure support, we are delighted to announce that we are forming a partnership with Pontem who is building a bridge to … Read more

Connecting Diem to Polkadot, the “internet of blockchains”

Pontem Network Just now·4 min read Why everyone is so excited about Diem? If you missed the moment when Libra turned into Diem, we don’t blame you. There was a lot of regulatory resistance against Facebook’s blockchain project, and it quickly lost the support of such key partners as PayPal, eBay, MasterCard, and Stripe. So … Read more