Axie Infinity’s Discord Hacked, Criminals Send Fake Minting Message

Axie Infinity, one of the most popular P2E BFT games, faced another hacking attempt on its Discord server earlier on Wednesday. The cybercriminals compromised the game’s Discord bot, MEE6, making it send out fake mint announcements.  On May 18th, Axie Infinity officials took to Twitter to inform their followers about the recent hacking attempt on … Read more

OpenSea Discord Server just got hacked

OpenSea is currently the largest and most extensive NFT marketplace, and unfortunately, the company’s Discord server was a victim of hackers, here’s more on this shocking development OpenSea: The Gold standard In more ways than one, OpenSea is the gold standard and poster child of the NFT space; the company has one of the most … Read more

Another Discord Hack Claims Victims

Wizard Pass is the latest project to be the victim of a Discord hack. NFT Discord servers being compromised is one of the biggest problems that NFT projects face, and it’s a serious issue that keeps occurring, losing investors a lot of money. Discord: NFTs meeting point If there’s one thing synonymous with NFT projects, … Read more