Polka.Domain October Updates

Polka.Domain Just now路2 min read Hello Fall! 馃崅 In addition to our monthly progress updates, we also have an announcement regarding Polka.Domain鈥檚 direction 猬囷笍 Polka.Domain鈥檚 Current Action Plan: 1. Connect to the XToken module to implement cross-chain asset between the relay chain and the Polka.Domain chain2. Optimize the asset module to implement cross-chain asset between … Read more

Polka.Domain September Updates

Polka.Domain Just now路2 min read Summary We鈥檝e got exciting news! The Polka.Domain faucet is up and dripping 馃挧馃挧馃挧. Starting September, the team is looking to roll out Polka.Domain beta version, and would welcome our community to participate in various testing activities. We are finalizing some more details with the marketplace, below are some snapshots of … Read more

Polka.Domain August Updates

Polka.Domain 3 days ago路2 min read Summary A brief recap of the July update, Polka.Domain has launched its Alpha version, and the team is going through internal testing and implementing fixes. Since then, we鈥檝e made progress on the Auction feature, and more detailed developments to follow. Below presents a sneak peek at the Polka.Domain interface, … Read more

Polka.Domain July Updates

Polka.Domain 路Just now Since last update, Polka.Domain launched its Alpha version, and the team has been testing and refining features involving: The Basics Multi-language interface Dashboard Wallet experience Send and receive assets with domains Domain Domain lookup Domain registration, management, and release Domain listing (for purchase and auction) Transfer ownership between accounts Stay tuned for … Read more

Polka.Domain Updates

Polka.Domain 路Just now Polka.Domian team is building up on project development in the roadmap, and is on track for the delivery of our products. There has been multiple updates with our code repositories, detailed information here. In summary, Encapsulated polka-domain domain types Implemented subql for blockchain data query Updated polka-domain parachain launching for internal testing … Read more

Polka.Domain鈥娾斺奜ur Goals

Polka.Domain Apr 20路2 min read Polka.Domain is en route to creating an accessible and user-friendly platform for all crypto holders, enabling you to move assets flawlessly across various networks, driving mainstream adoption while upholding the blockchain security standards. As we move towards the decentralized Web 3.0, we also want to provide solutions to the existing … Read more

Polka.Domain DNS market research

Polka.Domain Apr 4路4 min read There are currently few blockchain-based domain name services on the market, we built ours on Polkadot, utilizing its interoperability, transaction speed and fees. DNS market research Our goal is to make blockchain-based domains more accessible and convenient. PolkaDomain studied currently utilized pricing systems from the existing domain name services both … Read more