The Metaverse and Ecommerce: Merchant’s Dream, Consumer’s Paradise

Ecommerce is growing increasingly ubiquitous, with one in four people on the planet shopping online now. With this in mind, and the metaverse twinkling on our horizon, e-commerce is set to enter a transformative period. The rise of ecommerce, with its intrinsic ease and convenience, is steadily surpassing the physical bricks-and-mortar shopping we once loved. Sure, it’s … Read more

Pinknode Partners Up Protocol

Pinknode May 11 · 3 min read We are proud to announce our latest partnership will be with, an eNFT project that empowers a transparent e-commerce ecosystem. Pinknode is thrilled to be joining hands with, an e-commerce supply chain infrastructure platform powered by the Polkadot blockchain. is making the moonshot of revolutionising … Read more