Polka.Domain Technical Roadmap & Updates

Polka.Domain Just now·2 min read Happy November! Polka.Domain appreciates and would like to share some details of upcoming journey with our community, below presents Polka.Domain’s technical roadmap for 2022. 2021 Q3 — Connect to the XCM v2 protocol. Complete the function of direct cross-chain asset transactions between Polka.Domain and the relay chain, between Polka.Domain and … Read more

Tutorial on how to test the Polkadomain APP & Updates

Polka.Domain ·Just now Hi community, it’s time for us to present to you our progress. Test the Polkadomain APP: Claim test tokens by visiting the faucet at https://app.element.io/#/room/#polkadomain-faucet:matrix.org, The following commands are supported:!balance (Returns faucet’s balance)!drip <Address> (Sends NAMEs to <Address>)!help (Prints this message) Example: Our Progress Front-End 1. Further enhanced responsive pages2. Optimized overall … Read more

NAME Airdrop

Polka.Domain ·Apr 11 Polka.Domain is excited to announce the details of our NAME token airdrop. Summary 🦄 Registration date: April 11th — April 15th 200,000 NAME tokens to be airdropped Distribution: 25% to [.eth] ENS owners and 75% to randomly selected participants 👉🏽 Follow and complete all the steps below to participate Airdrop participants will … Read more

Polka.Domain’s NAME token

Polka.Domain Apr 5·2 min read We are excited to introduce Polka.Domain’s native token NAME. The NAME token serves as a utility token facilitating payments and governance inside the Polka.Domain ecosystem. A detailed flowchart of the Polka.Domain ecosystem and token mechanics can be found below: Token Mechanics Summary: NAME token can be obtained by Domain Mining … Read more

Polka.Domain DNS market research

Polka.Domain Apr 4·4 min read There are currently few blockchain-based domain name services on the market, we built ours on Polkadot, utilizing its interoperability, transaction speed and fees. DNS market research Our goal is to make blockchain-based domains more accessible and convenient. PolkaDomain studied currently utilized pricing systems from the existing domain name services both … Read more

Introducing PolkaDomain — NFT your digital identity

Polka.Domain Apr 2·2 min read Polka.Domain is an interoperable and decentralized blockchain naming service with an integrated domain and NFT marketplace built on Polkadot. Features summary Decentralized domain name service built on Polkadot. Exchange, transfer, and auction domains Domains as NFTs Hexadecimal wallet addresses converted into domain names, users can make on-chain transactions with domains … Read more