What You Missed At Our Eleventh Community Call

Equilibrium Nov 2 · 6 min read Can you believe it’s been another month? We just recently held our eleventh community call to go over our latest news with our strongest supporters and closest followers. Were you there? No worries if not! We had about 128 participants in attendance who tuned in to see our … Read more

Your Guide To Use Cases For Epsilon LP Tokens

Equilibrium Oct 28 · 2 min read Epsilon is the official implementation of the Curve automated market maker (AMM) protocol, and it’s currently up and running on Kusama. Let’s look at how Epsilon handles user liquidity and claim rights via LP (liquidity pool) tokens. How do you claim LP tokens? Liquidity providers get LP tokens … Read more

Epsilon, The Curve.Fi AMM on Kusama and Polkadot, Is Live

Equilibrium Oct 26 · 2 min read Equilibrium has launched the official implementation of Curve.Fi’s automated market maker, Epsilon. Epsilon will run on Genshiro, Equilibrium’s Kusama-based canary network, and will later be integrated with Polkadot. Its development was supported by a grant from the Web3 Foundation. Bringing Curve to Kusama and Polkadot is an important … Read more