Moonriver Provides EVM Smart Contract Platform for Robonomics Applications with XCM Integration

Katherine Nov 22, 2022 · 3 min read Singapore — November 22, 2022 — Moonbeam, the top destination for multi-chain applications on Polkadot, has announced an XCM connection between Moonriver and Robonomics by opening an HRMP channel to bring the Robonomics native token, XRT, to Moonriver. The XRT token can now be used as xcXRT … Read more

Understanding EVM, virtual machines and EVM chains

Pontem Network Jun 8 · 18 min read EVM is a sandbox inside which all Ethereum smart contracts run. Many blockchains, such as Avalanche and Polygon, support EVM, making it easy to migrate Ethereum dApps. Non-EVM compatible ecosystems like NEAR, Solana and Cosmos, are also getting EVM implementations like Aurora and Evmos. But can they … Read more

Earn Bounties and BUIDL with Acala at ETHDenver 2022

Robin Whitney Feb 8 · 4 min read Acala is thrilled to return to ETHDenver for an EVM+ workshop during the conference’s much-anticipated #BUIDLWeek. Come meet the team, earn up to $5000 in prizes, and check out the workshop in person and online on Feb 15, 2022. Meet Acala, Your Gateway to Polkadot Liquidity Acala … Read more

Scale Ethereum-based DeFi to Polkadot with Acala EVM+, Now Fully EVM-Compatible with Full Access to…

Any Ethereum DApp can deploy to the Acala EVM+ in a fully Ethereum compatible environment with tooling like MetaMask, Truffle, and Waffle Dan Reecer Aug 19 · 6 min read The Acala engineering team has configured the custom-built Acala EVM+ to now provide a development environment analogous to Ethereum and a fully Ethereum-compatible experience for … Read more