META: NFT Integration Tests on Facebook Have Started!

It has been a long wait for Facebook to start NFT integration tests. Since the company’s transition to Meta, Zuckerberg is now at the forefront of NFT integration. Not too long ago, integrating NFTs on Instagram became a reality. It was only a matter of time before Meta started testing NFT integration on Facebook. Ethereum … Read more

All You Wanted to Know About Facebook-Backed Diem

Pontem Network Just now·10 min read Facebook-Backed Diem Explained Now that everyone found out that the Diem Association plans to launch its pilot by the end of 2021, it got in the spotlight and caught the attention of a wider audience. Recently, we covered the whole history of the Facebook-backed Diem, from the initial idea … Read more

Permissioned vs. Permissionless Blockchains: How Facebook’s Diem is Helping Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain has been around for years, the very first one — bitcoin — mined it’s first block in 2009. But in the over 10 years since then we’ve seen explosive growth in the industry as well as the number of blockchains. The first blockchain, and many that followed, is a permissionless blockchain — or a … Read more

The Full History of Facebook-backed Diem. When will Diem be Launched?

As the Diem Association announced its intentions to launch a pilot with a single stablecoin pegged to the US dollar in 2021, it got even more attention from general audiences. It might be safe to assume this strategic move aims to facilitate the long-awaited US participation in the experiments with the central bank digital currencies. … Read more

Application Modernization: Upgrading Infrastructure for Crypto and Facebook’s Diem Blockchain

Pontem Network Just now·10 min read Since the first Bitcoin block was mined in 2009, the landscape of technology and the internet has changed drastically. For example, the first ever transaction with BTC in 2010 put the price at 4 BTC per penny, and as of August 2021, 1 BTC is worth well over $40,000. … Read more

What Will Play-To-Earn Gaming Do For Facebook? And what will Facebook do to play-to-earn gaming?

Pontem Network Just now·7 min read Recently, we wrote about play-to-earn games, and how they are revolutionizing video games by combining crypto, NFTs, and traditional gaming. (If you missed that post, check it out here.) Play-to-earn games such as Axie Infinity and CryptoKitties have already become massively popular around the world, and the gaming industry … Read more

What is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and How is It Connected with Facebook-backed Diem?

Pontem Network Just now·11 min read There’s been a lot of discussion around central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and how they are about to become “the killer app”. Will they live up to expectations, or disappoint us in a couple of years? Let’s find out. What is a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)? A CBDC … Read more

What is a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) and How Will Facebook Handle them?

JOIN OUR TWITTER | TELEGRAM When you want to buy more bitcoin and sell off some altcoins, where do you go? Probably a VASP. And when you receive that bitcoin, where do you end up sending it? Probably also a VASP. A Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) is almost any platform you use to buy, … Read more

New Product Releases: Staking & Vesting Functionality & Keeping Up With the Latest Diem…

Pontem Network Just now·5 min read We are excited to announce our latest product release. We have been working hard on improving our Move VM, tooling and Substrate pallets. This release will not only maintain network compatibility with the latest Diem Blockchain developments, but also add new functionality for staking, vesting and Polkadot Parachain data … Read more