Pontem Incentivized Testnet Program

‍Summary:In order to stress test the Pontem Network prior to launching our canary network Nox on Kusama, Pontem will be sponsoring an incentivized testnet program and grant program for early collators on the network. To qualify each staker must undergo KYC to whitelist their node(s) to prevent spam on the test network. By undergoing KYC … Read more

A deep dive into the Fantom ecosystem: how it works + the 7 biggest projects

Fantom is an exceptionally fast smart contract platform where a transaction costs less than $0.03 and takes just a second to confirm. With billions locked in Fantom dApps like SpookySwap and Geist, this ecosystem could soon compete with Avalanche or even Solana. It’s time to get to know Fantom better — and our beginner guide … Read more

All You Wanted to Know About Facebook-Backed Diem

Pontem Network Just now·10 min read Facebook-Backed Diem Explained Now that everyone found out that the Diem Association plans to launch its pilot by the end of 2021, it got in the spotlight and caught the attention of a wider audience. Recently, we covered the whole history of the Facebook-backed Diem, from the initial idea … Read more

What is an IDO and How to Participate in One

Decentralized finance (DeFi) exploded in 2020 and we’re still currently riding the waves of the boom. Previously, much of the crypto space was centralized for ease of use, but as blockchain technology has developed we have seen more of what the blockchain can do. With advancements in smart contract platforms, we are seeing more centralized … Read more

The Full History of Facebook-backed Diem. When will Diem be Launched?

As the Diem Association announced its intentions to launch a pilot with a single stablecoin pegged to the US dollar in 2021, it got even more attention from general audiences. It might be safe to assume this strategic move aims to facilitate the long-awaited US participation in the experiments with the central bank digital currencies. … Read more

How Do I Get Started With DeFi?

Pontem Network Just now·7 min read TALK TO US: TWITTER | TELEGRAM | DISCORD Table of Contents: Wait, what is DeFi? How popular is DeFi? What are the most popular DeFi tools? How can I start using DeFi? DeFi Wallets DeFi Portfolio Managers Advanced DeFi Tools DeFi Analytics Tools 5. How can I use Pontem … Read more

Smart contract security and the biggest DeFi hacks of 2021

Pontem Network Just now·12 min read TALK TO US: TELEGRAM |TWITTER | DISCORD Where money flows, hackers and scammers follow: and right now it’s decentralized protocols on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. In this article, we’ll look at different types of DeFi exploits and discuss the security challenges faced by the next generation of smart … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Decentralized Finance

Pontem Network Just now·8 min read Is DeFi right for you? What about when Facebook joins in? TALK TO US: TWITTER | TELEGRAM | DISCORD What is Centralized Finance (CeFi)? What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? What are the benefits of DeFi? Accessibility Security Autonomy Profitability 4. What are the drawbacks of DeFi? Limited integration Poor … Read more

Pontem Network Taps Pinknode Popular Node API Provider To Uncover New Opportunities For Facebook’s…

Pontem Network Just now·4 min read JOIN OUR TELEGRAM TO LEARN MORE Pontem, a Dapp framework built on the Polkadot ecosystem for experimentation on the Facebook-backed Diem blockchain, is pleased to announce a partnership with Pinknode, the most popular and trusted node infrastructure provider on Polkadot! 🎉🎉🎉 To celebrate this partnership Pontem and Pinknode will … Read more

Pontem, a crypto project aiming to be a more decentralized version Facebook’s Diem, raises a $4.5M

Pontem Network 4 days ago·4 min read Pontem, the decentralized application (dapp) framework for Facebook’s Diem project raises a $4.5M seed round led by Mechanism Capital and Kenetic Capital that includes other notable funds and established crypto companies Pontem allows crypto projects to use the established ecosystems of secure networks like Ethereum, Polkadot and EOS … Read more