Genshiro’s Kusama Crowdloan is Live! Learn How to Participate

Equilibrium Oct 6 · 3 min read Dear Genshirians, we’re happy to announce a new crowdloan campaign for our Genshiro parachain to prolong our parachain slot on Kusama! Genshiro is a versatile DeFi parachain on Kusama, which unifies various DeFi-related activities and products, including loan, synthetic asset trading, margin trading, and decentralized exchanges (DEX), onto … Read more

Equilibrium and Genshiro Integrates with Subscan to Give Users better Data Transparency

Equilibrium Sep 2 · 2 min read Finally, we are proud to tell you that we have finalized Equilibrium’s and Genshiro’s integration with Subscan. What Is Subscan? Subscan is a high-precision Web3 multi-chain explorer that supports Substrate-based networks. Subscan provides user-friendly experiences so users can easily search for blocks, extrinsic events, and accounts to explore … Read more

Ethereum Bridge Shutdown: What You Should Know

Equilibrium Sep 2 · 2 min read Dear Genshirians, Ethereum’s Proof-of-Work chain will migrate to the Proof-of-Stake chain this september. Here are two important dates to be aware of: The consensus layer upgrade is scheduled for epoch 144,896 on the Beacon Chain at 2022–09–06 11:34:47 (UTC). The execution layer upgrade is expected to take place … Read more

Equilibrium: 20th Community Call Recap

Equilibrium Jul 30 · 8 min read In our usual fashion, we held our community call to inform Equilibrians about what we have been working on in the past month. This 20th community call was held on July 28th, 2022. In the last one, we talked about our XCM integrations, Natalie Cheah joining our business … Read more

Genshiro Liquidity Bootstrap Event Is Starting on March 22

Equilibrium Mar 21 · 4 min read Ahead of our soon orderbook DEX launch, Genshiro users can become liquidity providers for bailout pools or our new MM pools and earn bootstrap rewards from a special GENS allocation. We have allocated 36,000,000 GENS for these rewards in total that will be distributed among participants of the … Read more

Genshiro’s important developments

Equilibrium Mar 5 · 2 min read Dear community, As you may already know we had a very development-reach month of February where we introduced a lot of new features and fixes into Genshiro blockchain which we described in this medium post on February recap. We plan to deploy these updates to Genshiro production on … Read more

How Does Earning Mechanism Work On Equilibrium And Genshiro?

Equilibrium Mar 5 · 6 min read Equilibrium’s bailout mechanism is an effective new approach for managing debt and risk within a DeFi protocol. Our system design introduces the role of a “bailsman.” Bailsmen are users who pledge liquidity in advance of a market decline or black swan event, and they play a pivotal role … Read more

Equilibrium’s February In Review

Equilibrium · Follow Mar 2 · 5 min read This February was an event-rich month for us! We’ve prepared a list of the most significant items to keep you updated on our progress and upcoming releases. Genshiro’s most important technical developments Equilibrium’s crowdloan updates A bird’s-eye view of EQ’s 2022 roadmap Our brand new DEX … Read more