How To Vote On The EQ Listing Referendum: Easy Guide

Equilibrium Jan 17 · 3 min read Go to Press “Sign-up” in the top right corner 3. Select the “Sign-up with Web3 address” option 4. Choose your wallet 5. Confirm authorization in the wallet 6. Sign ULA and press “Sign-up”. Your account should now be linked and displayed under the “Choose linked account” field … Read more

Using the Moonbeam Community Forum

Katherine Oct 26, 2022 · 8 min read The Interim Treasury Program is a 6-month program that establishes a separate community Treasury Council to manage Treasury funds, a budget for Treasury spending, and a required discussion time to gather community feedback on possible future Treasury proposals. When a community member has a new idea for … Read more

Introducing the Moonbeam Community Forum

Katherine Oct 26, 2022 · 3 min read The Moonbeam community is welcome to participate in the Moonbeam Community Forum, a new community space dedicated to hosting Moonbeam and Moonriver-related discussions, including technology development, governance, and future ecosystem initiatives. The forum will also serve the updated Moonbeam Foundation Grants and Treasury Programs as the designated … Read more

Moonbeam Network Maintenance Mode Explained

Katherine Aug 4 · 4 min read The Moonbeam network officially launched on January 11, 2022. On launch, transfers and EVM functionality were enabled and SUDO access had been revoked. Due to the fact that Moonbeam was the first parachain to become fully operational on Polkadot, that it is one of the first complex Substrate-based … Read more

Moonbeam Monthly Dispatch March 2022

Katherine Apr 1 · 5 min read We have exciting news to share with our fantastic community, including the new cross-chain capabilities on Moonriver with KILT and Karura, governance updates with Polkassembly, a new hackathon available in Moonriver, and more! Let’s get started! Whats New with Moonbeam & Moonriver Polkassembly Governance and MetaMask Integration is … Read more

Using Moonbeam’s On-chain Democracy with MetaMask Through Polkassembly

Katherine Mar 18 · 5 min read The runtime upgrade 1200 on Moonriver introduced a feature (called democracy precompile) that allows network participants to vote in on-chain governance using their MetaMask wallet. Moreover, Polkassembly, a platform/forum for anyone to discuss and participate in Substrate-based chain governance, was recently integrated with Moonriver. Now, the combination of … Read more

How to Participate in Moonbeam Governance with Polkassembly

Katherine Mar 17 · 6 min read Polkassembly is a governance explorer and forum for the Polkadot ecosystem. It allows anyone to discuss governance proposals and referenda, and provides an easy way for token holders to participate in Moonbeam’s on-chain governance via MetaMask. Moonbeam features native on-chain governance allowing token holders to make their voices … Read more

Polkassembly Governance and MetaMask Integration is Live on Moonriver, Coming Soon to Moonbeam

Katherine Mar 18 · 3 min read Boston, MA — March 18, 2022 — Moonbeam, the fully Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot, has announced the completion of an integration with Polkassembly, allowing token holders to learn about open referenda and vote in on-chain governance using their MetaMask wallet. Through Polkassembly, users can directly participate … Read more

Kintsugi Integrates with SubSquare Governance Platform

Irena Mihova Mar 8 · 2 min read Kintsugi, the canary network of Interlay on Kusama, integrated SubSquare, a governance platform designed for substrate-based blockchains. A product of OpenSqure, SubSquare, scans and normalizes the blockchain governance data. With its rich features and better user experience, SubSquare empowers Kintsugi members to be active in the network … Read more

Community Governance: Decentralizing Kintsugi From Day 1

Irena Mihova Dec 17 · 4 min read by Remy Le Berre and Alexei Zamyatin Interlay is running for a win in the Polkadot parachain slot auction, while Kintsugi, already a winner in Kusama, takes the first step into true Chaotic DeFi and launches KINT. It’s time to talk about Governance. Let’s start things off … Read more