Web3 Foundation Grant for the Development of a Custom Parachain Staking Pallet

Katherine Jun 9 · 3 min read Built to Support the Decentralization of the Network by Improving the Rewards System for Collators and Delegators, and Giving Control to Token Holders Boston, MA — June 9, 2022 — Moonbeam, the top destination for multi-chain applications on Polkadot, has completed the necessary milestones to receive a grant … Read more

Grant Factory is Now Integrated with HackerLink.io to Provide QF-as-a-Service

DoraFactory Just now·2 min read Grant Factory, one of the core modules of Dora Factory, is now available for public access via DoraHacks’ developer incentive platform HackerLink.io. Grant Factory is a decentralized quadratic funding grant middleware. It allows decentralized organizations to create and manage their own quadratic funding grant rounds to fund their developers and … Read more

Recap of Dora Factory Community Grant Round-2 and Introducing the Finalists!

DoraFactory Just now·5 min read To accelerate the DAO movement and strengthen its ecosystem, Dora Factory embarked its second round of Community Grant back in October, running 2 months dedicated to DAO’s diversity and sustainability. Funded 8,000 DORA into the prize pool to financially support early projects and incentivize continuous development. An additional 300 DORA … Read more

Application Guide: Dora Factory Community Grant Round-2

DoraFactory Just now·2 min read Step 0. Wallet Setup Please create an account in Polkadot JS wallet via Chrome or Firefox extensions. You may need some DORATEST[0] for application gas fee. Please contact @hackerlinkofficial via Telegram to get airdropped of DORATEST[0]. Make sure the Polkadot JS wallet address you offer is listed as the first … Read more

SubDAO PolkaSign Has Achieved 11th Round of Grants by Web3 Foundation

SubDAO Network Just now·2 min read Web3 Foundation is celebrating its 11th round of grants accepted through its Grants Program. With continued hard work and exploration, the SubDAO team has developed several tools including Dapp, Chrome Extension, Polaksign, etc. It is a great success that the Web3.0 app for electronic agreement — PolkaSign has achieved … Read more

Dora Factory Community Grant Round 1 concludes, 8 projects receive funding of fifty thousand…

DoraFactory Just now·1 min read The Dora Factory quadratic funding grant round-1 has closed on 31st Aug 2021. 8 projects from the grant have received 4885.7 DORA (~51,000 USD) of funding at the time of closing. The top five projects funded by the grant are DAOrayaki, LA DAO, EntangledQuery, Alexandria — Decentralized University, and Ethsign. … Read more

Announcement: TrustFi NFT AIRDROP COMING!

TrustFi Network Mar 13·2 min read TrustFi NFT Airdrop TrustFi Network is now applying for #BSC Binance Labs GRANT ROUND DoraHacks, and Ranked fourth so far in HackerLink Quadratic Funding Leaderboard: https://hackerlink.io/en/Grant/BSC/Round/1/detail To thanks for the great support from the community, we are pleased to announce that every #BSC address voting for TrustFi Nework will … Read more